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Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services is the active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes.

MPS are facilitated by key software applications that fall into one of four categories:
  • Print Management software to manage the volume and nature of print and authenticate users
  • Device Management software to monitor and manage the print devices in an environment
  • Discovery and Design Software to analyze and plan for the change required in implementing a MPS
  • Scan Routing software to route scans to various destinations including fax servers, network folders, email or workflows

For example: HP Web Jetadmin

HP Web Jetadmin is a Hewlett Packard software product designed for the administration of network printers. It allows users to view and report on the status and usage of a large number of network printers

It is released under a proprietary license and is made available free for non-commercial use. It is designed to have some integration with the HP OpenView suite of applications.

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